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Overhead Rack Accessories

Safety Nets | Sport Utility Hooks | Deck Hooks | Rail Hooks

Safety Nets

Safety nets are a great accessory for SafeRacks overhead garage storage. Made of durable, flexible heavy-duty nylon cord, SafeRacks safety nets are easily added to any of our steel overhead shelves. The safety net keeps the items stored on the shelf from falling or shifting in the event of an earthquake, or just when you’re rummaging around among the shelved items you won’t be able to accidentally knock something off the shelf to the garage floor.

Safety and Ventilation

The open-mesh style of the safety nets ensures that adequate ventilation will always be available for the stored items (as does the heavy-duty wire decking on which the items sit). Ventilation lessens the possibility of mold and mildew accumulating in moist climates.

Easy to Work With, Install or Remove

The safety nets are easily removed or dropped for access to the stored materials, then reattached for security. They’re custom-made to fit the sizes and heights of each type of SafeRacks overhead garage storage unit, including corner configurations.

Ask Absolute Contracting, your SafeRacks Dealer about Safety Nets

We are glad to discuss the benefits of safety nets used with overhead garage storage.

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Sport/Utility Hooks

Sport/utility hooks from SafeRacks can take a multitude of items that typically clutter up a garage and place them safely and securely overhead, up and out of the way:

  • skis and ski poles
  • ladders
  • swimming pool equipment
  • gardening tools
  • sports equipment such as volleyball, badminton poles and nets
  • hoses
  • extension cords
  • tools

Attach to Overhead Storage Shelves

Just think how much floor space will be opened up by your use of SafeRacks sport/utility hooks. The hooks are attached to the overhead steel shelves, which themselves can hold up to 600 pounds each. They’re great for items that don’t fit into boxes on a steel overhead shelf.

The uses for sport/utility hooks are limited only by your imagination and safe-storage guidelines. Our SafeRacks representatives can tell you more about how to safely use sport/utility hooks to your best advantage.

Freeing Up More Garage Space

Many people don’t realize just how much space their garage can provide for a variety of activities; they’ve become resigned to the idea that the garage is “a dumping ground” for stuff they don’t want in the house. Once all the usual clutter is cleared away from a garage, it can be an eye-popping moment.

People are often astonished at the amount of open garage space they obtain by using SafeRacks sport/utility hooks and other storage accessories in combination with steel SafeRacks overhead storage shelves. Experience the relief of being organized by adding sport/utility hooks to your overhead garage storage plans. Contact us today.

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Deck Hooks

Deck hooks get your bikes and other gear up and out of the way when they’re not in use, freeing up a significant amount of your garage’s floor space. Bikes are a wonderful mode of transportation, but as every bike rider knows, a bike sitting around is just a bike taking up a lot of space.

Deck Hooks Attached to SafeRacks, for Overhead Storage

Bike hooks from SafeRacks solve this problem easily and efficiently. With bike hooks that attach to SafeRacks steel shelving, a bike is safely hung overhead, out of the way and off the ground. Although there are a variety of free-standing and wall-mounted bike hooks and stands available from various manufacturers, with SafeRacks bike hooks, the volume of a bike is removed from the floor plan the bike is no longer taking up floor space, as it would with those other options.

Free Up Space by Storing Your Bikes Overhead

Every few square feet of garage floor space is valuable! An adult-size bike on the floor takes up about 12 square feet (6’ x 2’ to get around a bike). A garage with interior dimensions of 22 x 24 feet, for example, has 528 square feet when empty; 12 square feet of that (for just one bicycle) is a significant amount of space. Multiple bike hooks can easily be attached for as many bikes as you have, stored above and out of your way.

Factor in the number of bikes you want to store in your garage when you’re figuring out how best to utilize SafeRacks steel overhead garage storage units. We can help you determine the best configuration for your unique needs.

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Rail Hooks

Rail hooks, like deck hooks, get your bikes and other gear up and out of the way, freeing up a large amount of your garage’s floor space.

Rail Hooks Attached to SafeRacks are a Great Alternative to Floor Storage

By attaching to the “rails” on any side of your overhead rack SafeRacks rail hooks provide an adjustable way to store your bulky items. Bulk storage in your garage is always a concern. These items take up valuable floor space and hinder your ability to access your garage efficiently. Add rail hooks to your order and you will see the difference!

We have made it easy for you to get organized, call us at 949-218-2012